Having a site or a blog or searching for ways to promote your referral links will, for sure, lead you to a traffic exchange site. 

  •    Don't make the mistake of using an autosurf to promote your links since you will get a low conversion rate (spend time/ referrals or members obtained). If you want only to generate traffic on your website then a free autosurf is a good way of getting this. If you want quality visits/ sales/ referrals then a MANUAL TRAFFIC EXCHANGE is a better option.
  •    The main problem of the manual traffic exchanges is time. First of all you must think to the best way to say what you have to say in few words/ images. Splash pages will do that thing for you: few words about your site, some payment proofs in case you are promoting referral link and a nice format.
  •     First impression sells everything. Do a good first impression and your viewers will be interested on following your link from the spalsh page. Most of this traffic exchanges will give you vists between 8 seconds and 30+ seconds so don't forget, other members must be impressed by your page in order to get better results.
  •     In order to get only real human clicks on members sites and not clicking bots manual traffic exchange sites have implemented a captcha verification after every view. Pay attention to this captcha or you will not be credited for your visit.
  •     Like most of the money making opportunities you may upgrade your account in order to get more priviledges. In most situations this will give you a better ratio (sites surfed/ visits received), free monthly credits, banner impressions and others. You can as well buy more credits to get your site seen. This will reduce your time spend surfing but will increase your costs.