WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
Accepted Countries
Where Paypal is Accepted
Personal ClickMini: $0.005  /  Standard: $0.01  /  Extended: $0.02
Referral Click3% (10% if upgraded)
Referral Commissions3% (10% if upgraded)
Minimum Cashout
$10 (-5% cashout fees)
Payment Processor PayPal
Payment Waiting TimeInstant Payments
Referral Limit
 No Limit

            A very well established business with trusted owner and with a long clean history. The first thing that should be said about a site like this. In the PTC scene it is very hard to satisfy your members and at the same time be in profit but a good leader knows what he has to do in any situation. It is clear that WordLinx is one of the biggest and most trusted PTC sites until now, with a good reputation build in all this 8 years since they have launched.                 

            WordLinx is owned by Richard Sturdy and is part of Rogue Media, registered in UK, as stated in the site whois. This site was launched back in October 2003 and it's paying without problems ever since.

            You will be very pleased to know that this site pays INSTANT by PayPal. This means that if you leave in any country were Paypal can be used than you can join, and joining a site like this is a MUST. Internet is full with payment proofs from WordLinx,  BeenPaid gave this site the Seal of Approval and you will find it on every site rated on top spots so giving it an Elite Site tag is a well deserved award.                     

             The biggest problem that some may have on the real PTC sites is that ads are geo-targeted and appear across the day. This satisfies the advertisers since anyone can target his audience and can obtain better results from geo-targeted or premium only ads. Anyway, if you can log in several times/ day and check if any new advertisements have appeared than you will have the chance to even be more pleased by the number of sites that you get here than you would have been on a bux site. You can as well use their toolbar that will announce you everytime a new ad is available. The minimum cashout is fixed at $10.

             If you want to upgrade than don't expect to high prices as you saw on the bux sites. WordLinx offers you the possibility to upgrade your account for only 10$/ year!                     

             Here is the upgrade table:


              If you are interested on advertising on this site then you have done the right choice. The offer targeted unique visitors at a very low price:


              You will receive discounts as well, depending on the package that you want to buy. 

              If you want to promote your banner on their site then you could do that even if you don't want to register and will cost you $50/ month but if you chose to register and to upgrade to Pro membership then you will pay only $30/ month. Of course, discounts will be available here too depending on your needs. You can contact them and discuss more about what you want.

              Register, click and most of all PROMOTE because  on the Real PTC sites it's all about promoting your links and getting more referrals.



  •  November 28, 2011- Project X is implemented- you can now have unlimited referrals on 10 levels but you will only receive click and sales commissions from your level 1 referrals, for the other levels you will get only $0.001/ referral sign-up.


                       I will update this page whenever a change will be made on WordLinx. If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask! Any quality comment or any question that you have is welcomed.

                       Nevertheless, if you have any problems with WordLinx or if you want to follow any changes by yourself than you should know this: